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Impact Donations

Tax deductible donations that help place equipment in rescue professionals hands

Other donations have helped support Search & Rescue, buy swiftwater rescue gear and many other instances of direct positive impact for us to serve you. The Paypal feature allows use of Visa, mastercard and many other pay options.

  1. Where does the donation go - The donation will go into our general fund and be applied to the next department objective. If you wish for your donation to be used for a specified intent, please contact us for ideas. 
  2. Is it Tax Deductible?- Yes, we are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation (Charity). Note: user fees for use of the facility are not tax deductible. Always check with your tax preparer for tax questions. If you would like a receipt please email
  3. Other ways - Online transactions are convenient but we can always accept a check by person or by mail (103 South Ave, Swannanoa NC 28778). We prefer not to recieve cash donations but will if it is your only option. 
  4. Is this secure? Yes. Clicking an option below will take you to a secure transaction page. You can use Visa, Mastcard or Pay Pal.