Full time employment
Openings will be announced as opportunities arise. FT employees require a minimum of Firefighter 2 certification, Emergency Medical Technician and other progress requirements during a probation period.
The Swannanoa Fire Department does not hire personnel to send through an academy for development as our need is typically front line service immediately.

Part TIme employment
We hire other professional firefighters to cover staffing positions when full time personnel are on vacation, sick, in training sessions or when some other issue arises so we may maintain adequate staffing levels for our community. Opportunities are variable.

You are welcome to visit the station for advice on career paths.

Volunteer fire and rescue workers provide an important part of our protection plan. A citizen can join with no training or experience, be provided certified training at no cost and serve as front line firefighters, search and rescue staff, emergency medical workers, divers, operate fire apparatus and much more.

Volunteers are covered by Worker's Comp and certain other insurance plans, covered by state and federal plans, recieve a nominal reimbursement for fuel used, have gear provided and several more benefits.

Volunteering can be an excellent route for a career but it is not required for full time positions. Volunteer fire and rescue workers face the same risks while serving others as full time employees. We use the term "Professional" as a statement of high competency rather than whether paid or not.

Please stop by for a visit and to discuss expectations and process. Volunteer candidates fill out the same application as other memberships in the "Apply Here" section. 

Volunteering doesnt have to be in risky environments. There are many opportunities to help serve and support operations and daily work.
Cooking skills? - We need people to organize and feed emergency workers during incidents. These moments can range from a handful of sandwiches and a drink to helping feeding hundreds of workers during a disaster.
Mechanical Skils? - We have to keep things rolling including engines and stations. If you have special skill set we can likely use your skills.
Clerical skills? You guessed it... we do a lot of paperwork and data entry, We design and build training manuals, programs and even this website.

Photography, painting, lanscaping it goes on and on.
If you want to help, we like have a need for your services.

For all positions, paid or volunteer, the application must be filled out along with the background check form. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and should be aware that a 3rd party will conduct a background check at the department's expense.

We will not accept a Full Time employment application if we have not posted for a job opening. Check our Facebook page for postings.

Application for jobs, volunteering and support.